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PEP is a large chain store that offers a mix of various items. They are popularly known for its durable low-priced items.

Clothing for all age groups – underwear, panty hose, jeans, trousers, skirts, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, tops, jackets, panty hose; fashion accessories - belt, face cap, beach hat, jewellery, handkerchief, hair band, eyeglasses, sunshade; hair product – hair extensions / attachment, hair relaxer shampoo; kitchen / dining options - cups, cutlery, plates, glass cups, water bottles, food containers, mugs, jugs; new born baby products – shawl, powder, baby oil, diapers, feeding bottle, head warmers, shoes; toys - foot ball, dolls, toy cars, water gun; stationary, body care, oral care; sweet treats – chocolates; gadgets - GOTV decoders, mobile phones, ear phones; shoes – sneakers, kiddies school shoes, ballerina shoes, sandals, canvas and so many other items.

Be prepared to take a while going through the various aisles to discover items you need.