Shop No. 27

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This Genesis restaurant outlet here at Apo maintains a high level of fast food offerings and gives the best mix of African and intercontinental dishes.

Traditional menu includes dishes like moi moi, afang soup, bitter leaf soup, okro soup, eba, semovita (semo), poundo, wheat and intercontinental dishes of Spaghetti, Special fried rice, Basmati rice, fried rice, jollof rice, rice and stew and many more.

Don’t forget to top up your order with fried fish, turkey, beef, goat meat, peppered chicken or roasted chicken.

Grab a quick snack of Cake slices, Burger, Doughnut, Meat pie, Chicken Pie, Sausage roll, Fresh baked bread at Apo or Finger licking Chicken shawarma while at the mall.

Genesis Restaurant also makes the best pizza that can be gotten in Abuja.  Try out the Genesis Supreme Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Beef Pizza, Ultimate Cheese Lovers pizza, Sausage pizza or Meat cravers pizza. Pizza can be gotten in the small, medium or large sizes 😊

Quench that thirst with one of Genesis Restaurant healthy Fresh fruit juices. The different flavours available are Tiger nut juice, Orange juice, Water-melon juice and Pineapple juice.

Note that menu is subject to a lot of factors, varying with seasons and time of day.